Professional Experience

Software Engineer Co-op Intern: HPE Aruba

* Worked in Networking on the Layer 3 Platfor Dependent team

* Worked on product code development Primarily in C

* Worked on L3PD command line controls for network switch's

* Unit Testing with Ceedling

* Performed Code coverage analysis on L3PD code base

* Investigate and traiged customer response reports

* Worked with jira, bash, git and valgrind

* Agile development work flow

Graduate Teaching Assistant: University of the Pacific:

* TA for Computer Systems and Netowkring

* TA for Digital Signal Processing

* Graded Assignments and Inclass activities

* Worked with students on concepts and assignments

* Held office hours for outside supplemental support throughout the school term

Supplemental Instructor: San Joquin Delta College:

* Held regular supplemental instruction sessions for Calculus 1,2 & 3

* Helped students understand and master material from class

* Held quiz and test reviews for students

* Provided homework conecpt support and encouragement